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Monday, November 2, 2020

Aiko Obata -- Kisetsu Hazure no Watashi(季節はずれの私)


Well, just imagine...I took a look outside before turning in last night to see a mild blizzard taking place!⛄ Toronto may be located in a wintry country but to see the white stuff coming down like it did on November 1st was a bit jarring to say the least, but knowing that my city has predictably unpredictable weather, it's no surprise to find out that by the end of this week, we may be experiencing something akin to warm early fall weather.🍁

This is just the Monday preamble that I needed to introduce "Kisetsu Hazure no Watashi" (Not With the Season), a track from the 1977 album "Good-bye Yesterday" recorded by singer Aiko Obata(おばたあいこ). Not much information about her aside from the fact that she was born in Tokyo in 1954, and according to Discogs, she released two singles and two albums. Ticro Market also stated that Obata had even held a concert at one of Japan's most famous prisons in Abashiri in Hokkaido Prefecture, and that it was recorded into her 1976 debut album "Ao Iro no Kaze"(青色の風...Blue Winds).

It seems like even in that first album, Obata was trying a number of genres such as jazz and City Pop, but with "Kisetsu Hazure no Watashi", it's very much of a melancholy folk/New Music number. Just judging from the meaning of the title, I'm guessing that the lyrics by Yukinojo Mori(森雪之丞)have to do with romance not going too well for the protagonist since the seasons have often reflected one's status in love. The music, also by Mori, certainly has that sadder and more contemplative feeling thanks to the sorrowful flute and strings. I also enjoy Obata's vocals and am surprised that I hadn't heard of her earlier. Will have to try and get to know her better.


  1. Nothing to do with kayo, nor indeed with music (unless you care to explore its soundtrack). But for your amusement, here's the opening cutscene of a game designed as a love letter to 1980s knuckleheaded action movies. The game was made by Ubisoft Montreal, and the cutscene opens with Toronto getting nuked. The game is set in the near future of 2007 (the game was made in 2013).

  2. I really like "Yokohama"(Side A #1) in this album...

  3. According to profile written by herself, she majored in nutrition in university, and there was the other member before her debut, from high school to university.

    1. Hello, 58RNA3QD. Thanks for the information and the music that you've put up at your site. Just to confirm your last statement, was she part of a duo?

    2. Yes.. but one notable thing is...
      "Ao iro no Kaze", Aiko's debut album what you mentioned, was released in 1 Jul 1976, and ELEC RECORDS distributer of this album went bankrupt in 15 Jul 1976. This means, Aiko's debut album is the last one of ELEC, and she would no sooner faced very hard time than her debut. I think that's why she didn't release her single until her re-debut in Polydor("Ao iro no Kaze" was repressed by them in Dec 1976), and denied ELEC era in the profile written by herself(she stated her debut was December, not July).


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