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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hiroaki Igarashi -- Pegasus no Asa (ペガサスの朝)

"Pegasus no Asa" (The Morning of the Pegasus) just sounds like something that would be perfect for an optimistic start to the day. Composed by the singer, Hiroaki Igarashi(五十嵐浩晃), himself and written by Tetsuya Chiakiちあき哲也), it was released as Igarashi's 3rd single in November 1980 after 2 other singles in the same year. The third time was the charm as "Pegasus no Asa" ended up becoming a huge hit going into the new year; it finished 1981 as the 30th-ranked song.

The arrangement of the song reminds me a lot of Mike Post's music. Post is the famous American TV theme composer behind "The A-Team", "Hill Street Blues" and "The Rockford Files". But it's the theme of "Magnum P.I." that I hear whenever I listen to "Pegasus no Asa" for some reason. It's just one of my favourite Japanese pop songs from the 80s.

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