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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Hiroshi Uchiyamada & Cool Five -- Saikai Blues(西海ブルース)


Just as a preface, the above video is of the city of Saikai in Nagasaki Prefecture produced by the city itself on its own YouTube channel a few years ago.

Well, there is a song about the city itself called "Saikai Blues". I caught it on one of the 1977 episodes of "Yoru no Hit Studio"(夜のヒットスタジオ)that I've been watching over the past few weeks, and it's sung by Hiroshi Uchiyamada & Cool Five(内山田洋とクールファイブ), one of the premier Mood Kayo groups and a group that calls Nagasaki its home. After all, these are the same guys behind arguably the most famous go-touchi(ご当地)song about the place, "Nagasaki wa Kyou mo Ame Datta"(長崎は今日も雨だった)

Written by Takako Nagata(永田貴子)and composed by Yoshiyasu Ogata(尾形よしやす), this was the Cool Five's 30th single from February 1977, released several months before "Minato no Wasuregusa"(港の忘れ草)which had been the most recent song that I posted about them a few years ago. This is about as Cool Five a Cool Five song is with the chorus, the brassy and bluesy sax and Kiyoshi Maekawa(前川清)singing with his heart on his besuited sleeve about a past love in Saikai itself. Of course, the setting is all foggy along the harbour. "Saikai Blues" reached No. 20 on Oricon.


  1. "Saikai Blues" yet another terrific song I did not know about

    1. Great! I hope that you can explore some more of the Mood Kayo genre.

    2. I am starting thanks to you and this blog of yours!


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