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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hiromi Go -- Ni-Oku Yon-Sen-Man no Hitomi (2億4千万の瞳)

Once again, time for Hiromi Go(郷ひろみ), the cute boy wonder of the 70s aidoru who was now the young Casanova of 80s kayo kyoku. This could be his most famous song although most people probably know less of the title than of the explosive final line in the refrain, "....EXOTIC JAPAN!!" Always fun at the karaoke box.

Released in February 1984, "Ni-Oku Yon-Sen-Man no Hitomi" is translated as "240 Million Eyes". Written by Masao Urino(売野雅勇) and composed by Daisuke Inoue(井上大輔), the title is a parody on a 1952 short novel titled "Ni-Juu-Shi no Hitomi"(二十四の瞳...24 Eyes). Go's magnum opus refers to the 120 million people living in exotic Japan. The song was actually penned as the final campaign song for the former Japan National Railways (before it started becoming the privatized Japan Railways in 1987). The campaign's name? What else....Exotic Japan.

I have a feeling though that the song has become more well known for Hiromi Go being Hiromi Go rather than for any Bullet Train. It peaked on Oricon at No. 7 and became the 61st-ranked song of 1984. And of course, I couldn't finish this entry without having the man himself perform "Ni-Oku Yon-Sen-Man no Hitomi" in concert.


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    1. Hello, Martha.

      I'm glad you like the song. Since you mentioned GOLD, you may like this other tune by him:

    2. Hello again, Martha.

      There has been a series of previews for the upcoming Kohaku focusing on the individual singers and what they may be singing. It looks like Hiromi Go will be singing this very song on the 31st. Could be one of the highlights of the program.

  2. Hi! Do you happen to have any Hiromi's performance of this song with Matsuda Seiko? Singing or dancing, anything goes because that recording would be valued in gold, for me at least!

    1. Hi, wwwwwwwwwwwww!

      Thanks for your comments. Boy, would I love to see that performance between Hiromi and Seiko. Unfortunately, I never came across something like that in all my years. I'd certainly like to hear Seiko-chan scream "JAPAN!" :)


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