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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Top 10 Albums 1986

1. Anzen Chitai             Anzen Chitai IV
2. Kuwata Band            Nippon no Rock Band
3. Rebecca                  Rebecca IV
4. Yumi Matsutoya        Da-Di-Da
5. Seiko Matsuda          Supreme
6. Akina Nakamori         BEST
7. Misato Watanabe       Lovin' You
8. Akiko Kobayashi        Fall In Love
9. Omega Tribe             First Finale
10. Tatsuro Yamashita   Pocket Music

A lot of heavyweights in this group such as Anzen Chitai, Seiko Matsuda, Yuming and Tatsuro Yamashita, but Akiko Kobayashi made her breakthrough that year with the title track from "Fall In Love" and Misato Watanabe made a big impression by being the first teen singer with a double-CD set. Southern All Stars was on a hiatus while keyboardist Yuko Hara had her baby, so husband and leader Keisuke Kuwata had his 1-year project known as the Kuwata Band. And Akina Nakamori had her first BEST album in this list; for it's the most notable of all of her BEST compilations since through her hits, I could hear how her voice and style changed from that of an early 80s aidoru to mid-80s diva.

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