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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Toshi Ito and Happy & Blue -- Hoshi Furu Machikado (星降る街角)

Another one from my karaoke days at Kuri in Yorkville. Once in a while, as I drank down my Brown Cows in the lounge, someone would choose this salsa-ish number. I never knew who sang it or even what the title was....until now. Just purely by accident, I came across it while I was looking for something different on YouTube earlier today.

Toshi Ito(敏しいとう) and Happy & Blue was one of the later Mood Kayo bands to set up shop. It formed in 1971 and still is in action today although members have naturally come and gone over the decades. At the very least, it has one of the more interesting monikers for a kayo kyoku outfit. "Hoshi Furu Machikado" (Stars Falling on the Street Corner), written and composed by Hitoshi or Jin Hidaka(日高仁) (not sure of the pronounciation of the kanji) was originally released in 1972, but it didn't become a hit for the vocal group until its re-release in May 1977 with a different arrangement. Since then, it was re-recorded in 1981, and "Hoshi Furu Machikado 2012" was just released earlier this August as Happy & Blue's 34th single. The 1977 version is probably the one above, and it managed to become the 33rd-ranked song of the year.

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