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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sing Like Talking -- Firecracker

Another fun and groovy song from Sing Like Talking. Japan's answer to Toto and Steely Dan released their 26th single in August 1998, and the album which first contained it, one of their BEST compilations "Second Reunion", a month later for which "Firecracker" was the first track. One of the things that I've liked about SLT is that they can do both uptempo songs and ballads marvelously while incorporating a number of genres such as R&B and AOR. And for me, I'm such a sucker for a great horn section. Would have loved to have seen them in concert performing this one.

"Firecracker"was also the theme song for an entry in a long-running TV and movie series "Abunai Deka Forever"(.あぶない刑事フォーエヴァー....The Dangerous Detectives Forever) in September 1998.

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