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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Miyako Shinohara -- Hitori(ひとり)

What struck me about Miyako Shinohara's(篠原美也子)"Hitori" (Alone) was how much it reflected a combination of two totally different singers.

"Hitori" was released in April 1993 as her debut single, and right from that marvelous electric guitar intro of uncertainty, it has a certain richness or gravitas of a woman slowly coming to grips with the end of a long romantic relationship. The balladry that Shinohara presents here has that vocal quality which reminds me both of pixie-ish pop singer Mariko Nagai(永井真理子)of the early 90s and the storytelling pace of Miyuki Nakajima(中島みゆき). The whole song in general has that feeling of ballads that I used to hear by The Eagles back in the 1970s

Hailing from Tokyo, Shinohara released 10 singles in the 1990s and a total of 16 albums up to 2018.

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