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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Chinatsu Akasaki, Haruka Tomatsu & Aki Toyosaki -- Seishun no Reverb(青春のリバーブ)

Exactly two months ago, I wrote about the earworm that is the opening theme for "Joshi Kōsei no Mudazukai"(女子高生の無駄づかい...Wasteful Days of High School Girls), and almost two weeks ago, I pulled the trigger and bought the single for "Wa! Moon! dass! cry!"(輪!Moon!dass!cry!). Well, it finally came two days ago and it seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. Just a pity to hear that the show aired its final episode at about the same time.

As much as I loved the catchy and nutty "Wa! Moon! dass! cry!" opener, it took quite a while (basically nearly the entire run of the show) for the ending to finally rub off on me. I wouldn't be surprised if the ending theme "Seishun no Reverb" (Reverb of Youth) may have taken on feelings of inferiority when compared to its overachieving opening cousin. However, hearing the ending over and over for the past several weeks and then listening to the whole version online made me realize that this is also a pretty decent tune itself.

Sung as well by the three main seiyuuChinatsu Akasaki(赤﨑千夏), Haruka Tomatsu(戸松遥)and Aki Toyosaki(豊崎愛生), "Seishun no Reverb" has been described as being very relaxed. I would also agree and it makes for a pleasant counterpoint to the anarchy of the opener. Plus, despite the contemporary nature of the song, there is also something in the melody that reminds me of certain kayo in the old days. If "Wa! Moon! dass! cry!" is the crazed school prom before graduation then "Seishun no Reverb" is the car ride home after midnight with perhaps the seniors suddenly thinking with some dread and anticipation "...the future". The song was written and composed by Agasa.K.

Let's hope that there may be a second season in the near future.

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