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Friday, August 8, 2014

Keizo Nakanishi -- Kataomoi no Birthday (片想いのバースデー)

I first heard Keizo Nakanishi's (中西圭三)"Kataomoi no Birthday" (Birthday for My One-Sided Love) through my copy of his 1994 BEST album, "SINGLES". Originally, it was his second single from November 1991 and a track on his 2nd album, "Yell" from March 1992.

Nakanishi was the composer behind the brassy and funky music that would make up his uptempo sound during the 90s. It's a surprisingly uplifting melody considering that Masao Urino's(売野雅勇)lyrics described a love struck fellow pining in vain for the target of his affections while she celebrates a birthday with her current beau. Once again the kataomoi theme strikes. Charlie Brown and all those other down-on-romance guys can commiserate to this song. Still, it's the quintessentially fun Nakanishi tune.

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