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Friday, August 1, 2014

Ulfuls -- Sore ga Kotae da! (それが答えだ!)

The above is certainly not an HD version of the official video, but it's still nice to see Tortoise Matsumoto and the rest of the Ulfuls (ウルフルズ)put on another entertaining show. With "Gattsu Daze!!"(ガッツだぜ!!), the video was a parody on all things chambara. For "Sore ga Kotae da!" (That's The Answer), it's a fun look back at the disco days (i.e. my childhood). And what better combination is there than a bunch of happy Osakans and disco?

"Sore ga Kotae da!" is Ulfuls' 14th single from February 1997 which was written and composed by Tortoise. And just like "Gattsu Daze", it's an inspirational exhortation to get off one's duff, dust off any negativity and strut forward with a mile-wide grin. Indeed, that is the answer for whatever ails one. And I think whenever there was a lull in the proceedings at a Friday night karaoke session with the guys and girls, "Sore ga Kotae da!" would be the one to get everyone back in high gear....that, and imbibing more pitchers of the ever-flowing beer.

Although the song peaked at No. 15, it still managed to go Gold. And I'm sure for a lot of folks in their mid-thirties and older, it still is a must-hear and must-sing.

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