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Friday, August 5, 2022

Momoko Kikuchi -- Night Cruising


I was going to stop at four articles today but I just read through the "Nikkan Sports" newspaper that 80s aidoru and actress Momoko Kikuchi(菊池桃子)injured herself on August 4th. Apparently she slipped and fell somewhere in her house fracturing her sacrum, and currently she's in the hospital getting treated. Here's hoping that she has a speedy and relatively pain-free recovery.

So, why not end this KKP broadcasting day with a track from Kikuchi's June 1986 3rd album "Adventure", "Night Cruising"? Written by Koichi Fujita(藤田浩一)and composed/arranged by Tetsuji Hayashi(林哲司), this particular song stands out in that despite Hayashi's involvement, "Night Cruising" doesn't quite come across as an out-and-out City Pop tune this time around, but still it's quite a mature-sounding pop song.

Fujita's lyrics have a man and woman take a small boat out into the bay away from their party simply to enjoy a nighttime cruise and some couple time together. I did say Hayashi was the composer and arranger but the feeling from "Night Cruising" is that it sounds like something that Yumi Matsutoya(松任谷由実)would concoct as a romantic ballad. In any case, I hope everyone and Momoko have a fine weekend.


  1. I have been listening to a lot of Momoko's music since her Shadow concept album dropped. She has so many great B-sides!!

    1. Hello, gustave154. My friend just told me about the new album that she released in July. There are a few new songs there, too. Never ignore those B-sides! A lot of hidden gems.


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