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Friday, July 9, 2021

Feifei Ouyang -- Namida no Disco Night(涙のディスコナイト)


Wow! It's been 7 1/2 years since I put up my last Feifei Ouyang(欧陽菲菲)article, "Ame no Midosuji" (雨の御堂筋). Must rectify that.

To be frank, despite that title of "Namida no Disco Night" (Tearful Disco Night), I'm not sure quite whether this would fit in the genre of City Pop (although I have included it in Labels for now). Perhaps it sounds more like a really active Mood Kayo or simply a pop song. 

Anyways, "Namida no Disco Night" is Ouyang's 15th single from April 1976. I gather that according to Jun Hashimoto's(橋本淳)lyrics, that Mood Kayo bar in Ginza has been replaced by that disco in Roppongi as the setting for a sad romantic breakup, though I'm not sure how sure that could verbally take place amidst all that loud music and other cacophony. The dynamic melody by Hiroshi Sato(佐藤寛), and I'm not talking about Hiroshi Sato(佐藤博)the master keyboardist behind the City Pop/AOR "Awakening" album but singer Goro Noguchi's(野口五郎)older songwriting brother, is most likely closer in spirit to the music that was played for Momoe Yamaguchi(山口百恵)and Pink Lady which is why I think the song is more kayo than City Pop. Makoto Kawaguchi(川口真)handled the arrangements.

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