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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Miki Hyodo -- Konya no Atsui Message(今夜の熱いメッセージ)


Miki Hyodo(兵藤未来)is a name that I've seen here and there on YouTube for years and tonight I finally get to feature her on KKP. There's not a lot of information about her J-Wiki article and some bare bones stuff on sites such as Record Shop Merurido and Light Mellow on the web ~ turntable diary ~. She made her debut as a singer-songwriter in 1977 with the album "One Paradise ~ Miki First" before coming out with a second album in 1979 titled "Hyodo Miki", a release that has been described by Light Mellow as being filled with "Luxury Kayo".

From that latter album is "Konya no Atsui Message" (Tonight's Hot Message). Written and composed by Hyodo, I've read on Merurido that the singer was known for jazz and crossover, and also for some odd lyrics and surreal forms of New Music. Not sure about the lyrics for "Konya no Atsui Message", but her melody certainly lies within the comfortable confines of City Pop with the lightly dancing piano, the bass and the cool horns. Must have been some good walking in Tokyo back in those very torrid summer nights of 1979.

Apparently, those two albums were all Hyodo recorded although she continued to provide songs for 80s aidoru such as Hiroko Mita(三田寛子)and Chika Takami(高見知佳)so at least she was working well into that decade. However, after that, she did her fadeout. I've yet to hear some of her other tracks but I get the feeling that she left the music industry a tad prematurely.

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