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Friday, July 2, 2021

Ken Tamura -- Odori na yo(踊りなよ)


Well, it's another Friday night so we're continuing with the more urban contemporary stuff as usual. Singer-songwriter Ken Tamura(ケン田村)and his "Odori na yo" (C'mon and Dance) is just the right song at dusk as it fits both the City Pop and J-AOR genres rather nicely. 

Beginning with a synthesized Jamaican steel drum intro, "Odori na yo" then launches into that cool and sweet 80s City Pop/AOR arrangement as he exhorts folks into some of that summer dancing and loving. It's a tad short at a little over three minutes but I gather that Tamura likes to leave his listeners wanting more. 

"Odori na yo" was a track on his 1982 album "Fly By Sunset", a release which also has another smooth-as-silk song "A Little Bit Easier". If EMS ever returns to Canada, I will certainly try to track down a copy of the album.

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