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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Hironobu Kageyama -- Into The Night


My knowledge of singer-songwriter Hironobu Kageyama(影山ヒロノブ)is limited but thanks to my anime buddy, I've grown to know him as this leather-lunged rock belter who has come up with the themes for anime franchises "Dragon Ball"(ドラゴンボール)and "One Punch Man". That full-power voice of his could cut through steel.

However, I've found this track from his very first BEST compilation from February 1989, "THE BEST OF HIRONOBU KAGEYAMA". "Into The Night" has that nighttime urban rock vibe and Kageyama toned it down a bit here in his vocals, sounding a bit more like Eikichi Yazawa(矢沢永吉)with the sultriness. Lyricist Tetsuya Chiaki(ちあき哲也)provided the words while Kageyama provided the melody via his inverted pseudonym of Nobuhiro Yamakage(景山浩宣)and bassist Tsugutoshi Goto(後藤次利)arranged everything into its motorcycle ride-friendly format.

I hear that his nickname is The Prince of Anison! After seeing his long list of anime tie-up songs on his J-Wiki profile, I can certainly believe that.

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