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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Spick & Span -- Windy Island (track)


The above photo is of some Jamaican docks that I took during our 2017 cruise. Considering how much of a dreary day it's been today with about half a month's worth of rain deluging us in the past several hours, I thought it might be nice to start off with something uplifting and sunny.

Well, I did find this June 1983 album through Xerf Xpec's collection titled "Windy Island" by the band Spick & Span. The title track starts things off and keyboardist Osamu Kobayashi's(小林修)"Windy Island" certainly lifts the spirits into a lighter, warmer and clearer realm of sand and sea. It's a popping trip of percussion, piano, flute and bass, and I think any wind on this windy island is purely of the pleasant breezy variety. It's all very relaxing.

I couldn't find very much about Spick & Span aside from the fact that this album was released via a blog page. One other site, Hip Tank Records, mentions that drummer Kazuo Yoshida(吉田和雄)is the leader of this band that specializes in Brazilian fusion.

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