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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oricon's Top 10 Albums for 1989

1.   Yumi Matsutoya     Delight Slight Light Kiss
2.   Toshinobu Kubota   The Baddest
3.   Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi Showa
4.   Akina Nakamori       Best II
5.   TM Network           Carol
6.   Anri                      Circuit of Rainbow
7.  Boowy                   Singles
8.  Hikaru Genji            Hey! Say!
9.  Shizuka Kudo          Gradation
10. Hound Dog             Gold

Yes, I always appreciate it when the singers give their albums English-language titles. A bit of "a small world"piece of trivia here, referring back to the previous entry of Miki Imai(今井美樹): one of the six men who made up the 7th-ranking Boowy, Tomoyasu Hotei(布袋寅泰), will not only become her collaborator in the 90s but also her husband. Hotei is also the composer of the "Kill Bill"instrumental theme song.

No. 8's Hikaru Genji(光Genji) was the top group in the Johnny's Jimusho male harem, before SMAP started its long reign. Of course, now its Arashi.

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