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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Top Ten Singles for 1978

I was actually going to list the albums of 1978, but I think this list was more illuminating about who was on top for that year.

1.  Pink Lady        UFO
2.  Pink Lady        Southpaw
3.  Pink Lady        Monster
4.  Takao Horiuchi  Kimi no Hitomi 10000 Volts
5.  The Candies     Hohoemi Gaeshi
6.  Pink Lady         Toumei Ningen
7.  Masaaki Hirao   Canada kara no Tegami
    Yoko Hatanaka
8.  Circus              Mr. Summertime
9.  Eikichi Yazawa   Jikan yo Tomare
10. Miyuki Nakajima Wakare Uta

I think Pink Lady is gonna have to be talked about soon.

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