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Monday, March 12, 2012

Anzen Chitai -- Wine-Red no Kokoro (ワインレッドの心)

I'd seen Anzen Chitai (安全地帯)for the first time on a video performing this atmospheric song....their signature song. It's classic Anzen Chitai....relentless electric guitars backing the near-operatic voice of Koji Tamaki(玉置浩二). And Tamaki stood out as this dark mysterious type who kinda reminded me of a Japanese saturnine version of David Bowie as The Thin White Duke (yeah, maybe I'm reaching here but just humor me). Talent and model-level looks....what more could you want for a leader of a band?

"Wine-Red no Kokoro"(Wine-Red Heart) was a go-to song at my old karaoke haunt of Kuri in Yorkville back in my university days in the mid-80s; Yorkville is a fancy quarter in downtown Toronto. Someone was always singing it at least once every visit...along with a lot of their later hits. And their 4th single was indeed a was their first No. 1 after it was released in late 1983 and eventually became the 2nd-ranked single for 1984. It was included on their second album, "Anzen Chitai II", released in May 1984.

I've also included a video of them performing on a TV show just to show the great Tamaki in action.  But just listening to it while driving downtown on a Saturday night is also fine.

Thanks to J-Wiki.

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