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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Isao Sasaki -- Makka no Scarf (真っ赤のスカーフ)

"Makka no Scarf"(The Scarlet Scarf) was the secondary theme for the first season of "Space Cruiser Yamato"宇宙戦艦ヤマト). Veteran anime singer Isao Sasaki(ささきいさお), who also sang the main title march for the series, gives a wistful ballad here. The lyrics talk about a man, perhaps going off to war, seeing a young girl waving a scarlet scarf and hoping that he can return to see her welcoming him back.

In the original series in Japan, this song was played as the end credit theme of the Iscandar series, but when it was shipped over to North America as "Star Blazers", it was not included, instead having the main march played again. However, in both versions, it was played as part of the background music, and in the episode following the Argo's defeat of that big gun on Pluto where the crew was in a reflective mood, an instrumental of the song was played on "Star Blazers"with the English chorus of "We will return!"I used to get a lump in my throat whenever I heard that.

As with the triumphant march, "Makka no Scarf" was created by lyricist Yu Aku(阿久悠)and composer Hiroshi Miyagawa(宮川泰).

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