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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mariko Takahashi -- Momo Iro Toiki (桃色吐息)

Released in May 1984, "Momo Iro Toiki"(Peach Coloured Sighs) has become one of Mariko Takahashi's (高橋真梨子)signature songs, winning a Japan Record Prize and earning Takahashi her first appearance on the Kohaku Utagassen as a solo artist (previously she had been on the New Year's Eve special as a member of her old band, Pedro & Capricious).

What sets this song apart from some of her other hits such as "for you..." is its exotic rhythm and esoteric lyrics. As an example, here is a translation of the chorus and the first verse:

Bloom, bloom, peach-coloured sighs
When I'm held by you, I become a falling blossom

Greek wine, painted in the colors of the sea
Whenever I'm embraced, my skin takes on an evening glow
On the night we are together, though we start our journey
Noone has seen the country of love
They are lonely things, your words
They resemble the echoes of a foreign country, strange

"Momo Iro Toiki"peaked at No. 4 on the Oricon weeklies and ended up becoming the 23rd-ranked song of 1984. It was a track on Takahashi's 9th album, "Triad" which was released in September of that year. The song has been put alongside Anzen Chitai's(安全地帯)"Wine-Red no Kokoro"ワインレッドの心), which was also a huge hit in 1984, as examples of the genre of Mood Kayo.

Thanks, by the way, to for the lyrics, speaking of which, they were provided by Chinfa Kan(康珍化)with the music by singer-songwriter Takashi Sato(佐藤隆).

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