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Friday, March 16, 2012

Kazumasa Oda -- Koi wa Ousawagi (恋は大騒ぎ)

Actually for this entry I'd wanted to write about the song that I will always identify with Kazumasa Oda's (小田和正)solo career, "Love Story wa Totsuzen ni"ラブ・ストーリは突然に)but YouTube either only has very brief excerpts of the original or karaoke versions, so I'll just bide my time in the hopes that the real thing does eventually come up.

(excerpt only)

In any case, I'll provide you with "Koi wa Ousawagi"(Love is Hell), which was released as Oda's 5th single in February 1990, a year before the theme song from "Tokyo Love Story"came out. It's an upbeat song but slightly different from similar works by Oda in that this one doesn't have the urgency that songs like "Little Tokyo", "Kira Kira"キラキラ)or his updated Off Course tunes have. Instead, it's a bit more happy-go-lucky, fit for a rom-com. It was used as the commercial song for a life insurance company (just imagine the catchphrase: Love is hell....that's why you need life insurance!), and peaked at No. 5 on the Oricon weeklies. It was also released as a track on his 3rd album, "Far East Cafe"later that year which did reach the top spot.

Once again, EPO is the backup singer here.

(May 10 2012: Looks like the video I put up has been deleted so I've got a fellow playing the instrumental instead. Sorry)

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