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Friday, February 27, 2015

Akemi Ishii -- Sha-La-La (シャ・ラ・ラ)

(from 8:53)

For all of the snazzy and dynamic Latin-flavoured tunes that Akemi Ishii(石井明美)introduced during the late 80s, it was a bit odd to hear her 10th single, "Sha-La-La". Not that I have anything to complain about the song. It's a pleasant tune that was written by Ishii herself and composed by prolific Kyohei Tsutsumi (筒美京平)about a woman totally in love with her beau, but for the stuff that I have heard from her, it's a bit subdued. Even her voice sounds a bit less energized as if the song was meant to be a cool-down from the previous singles. By the way, it was released in November 1990.

Mind you, "Sha-La-La" wasn't the first case of a relatively quieter Ishii song. A few years earlier, she had released "Joy" which was also very straight-on pop. Actually the song that I was interested in featuring was the coupling tune to "Sha-La-La", "Door wo Akete"(ドアを開けて...Open the Door), a ballad that has a similar lyrical theme to the A-side but has a European Latin/enka vibe that made it sound like something that the late Teresa Teng(テレサ・テン)would have tackled in her sleep. Unfortunately, there is no sign of it anywhere on the Net, so I will just have to bide my time.

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