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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bonnie Pink -- A Perfect Sky

One thing about Bonnie Pink music videos...the lady seems to love water. Whether it be strutting down a runway in the middle of a squall or swimming about in a pink jumpsuit (that would be "Tonight, The Night", a song that we have yet to cover as of this writing), she and H2O have a good thing going.

And so is the case here with Bonnie Pink's June 2006 21st single, "A Perfect Sky". She took care of both music and lyrics, and the official music video has her dancing in the warm seas of Saipan, a popular destination for the Japanese. It couldn't have been too rough for her there, aside from any danger from roving sharks or jellyfish. As for the song itself, the refrain has that hook which was persistent enough for me to go for the CD single. A past single, "So Wonderful" rather helped in my decision as well.

Although I don't have a perfect grasp on the lyrics, I believe they are about a woman's determination not to let a somewhat middling romance get her down. She deserves some fun time for herself so perhaps that trip to Saipan might do her a world of good.

"A Perfect Sky" became Pink's most successful single. It managed to penetrate the Top 10 on Oricon for the first time in almost 7 years for her, reaching No. 6 (her previous personal best had been her 9th single, "Daisy" from 1999 which peaked at No. 10) and becoming the 72nd-ranked single for 2006.


  1. Hi, J-Canuck.

    Thanks for bringing up “A Perfect Sky”. I listened to this song a lot during my first year at college (2009), but I soon forgot about it, mostly after I became interested in aidoru music. So, I probably haven’t listened to this song in the past five years.

    In general, I don’t really like the music created during the mid-00s, because it’s too influenced by American contemporary R&B/Hip Hop/Urban, but “A Perfect Sky”, although with slight contemporary R&B touches, is more pop than anything.

    Unfortunately, “A Perfect Sky” is the only Bonnie Pink song I know. It’s strange how I never really tried out her discography, but, in all honesty, I was never that attracted to her, since I see her as someone similar to Avril Lavigne during her early days.

    1. Hi, Marcos.

      I had heard of Bonnie Pink when she first started but I wasn't too keen on her then since she seemed just a little too indie for me. I think it was only when she lost the pink hair and tended toward the pop side of things that I started liking a few of her new tunes. Mind you, I only really know 4 of them at this point.


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