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Friday, February 20, 2015

Hiromi Iwasaki -- Suteki na Kimochi (素敵な気持ち)

Ahhhh....that's a musical glass of Perrier. Hiromi Iwasaki's(岩崎宏美)30th single, "Suteki na Kimochi" (A Wonderful Feeling) is just so comfortable that it can make me forget that today's high temperature was only -14 degrees C. Chinfa Kan's(康珍化)lyrics have no hangups about love at all. Everything is going swimmingly between the woman and her beau in the romance department, and I believe the blissful couple is probably spending a lovely time at their luxury apartment in Hakone.

Meanwhile Kyohei Tsutsumi's(筒美京平)soft and strolling melody seems to take one on that barefoot walk along a sunny and warm beach. On reading that this song came out in February 1983, my initial impression had been that this was a bit atypical for Iwasaki since she was doing some fairly dramatic ballads during this part of the 80s with all those ending themes for the weekly suspense dramas. "Suteki na Kimochi" sounded more akin to her dabbling in summery City Pop during the turn from the 70s to the 80s.  And one commenter for the YouTube video mentioned that the intro reminded him of Mariya Takeuchi's(竹内まりや)bouncy "September" which came out at around the same time. But you know, I'm pretty sure that a number of her non-single tracks from her albums were also quite relaxing. As it is, Iwasaki does her usual warm and wonderful work with the song.

"Suteki na Kimochi" managed to peak at No. 32. It is also a track on her 13th album, "Shiteki Kuukan"(私・的・空・間...Personal Space)which came out in July 1983 and went as high as No. 31 on Oricon.

That morning view from our Ito ryokan


  1. Talking about a comfortable song, here's another song frmo the same album. This video is from the same concert as the earlier clip of "Soba ni Oite", but unlike the emotional wringer of the other song, here Hiromi obviously enjoys herself.


    1. Oh, very comfy...I always imagine that hammock when I hear it. "Ikigai" also has that relaxing melody as well.

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    1. Hi, Kenji. And thanks for your comments.
      I haven't had a chance to listen to her albums when she was known as Hiromi Masuda for several years. How do they sound?


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