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Friday, July 13, 2012

Checkers -- One Night Gigolo

The Checkers started their career with a 50s doo-wop sound and a bit of New Wave fashion thrown in. But over time, as with other bands, Fumiya Fujii(藤井郁弥) and the gang shook things up a bit. Their March 1988 16th single, "One Night Gigolo"was an example of this. Written by Fujii himself and composed by fellow bandmate Toru Takeuchi(武内享), it has one of my favourite intros to a J-Pop song with a dramatic sax-and-piano sequence. There is a bit of a Latin jazz feel to the whole proceedings, and the lyrics talk about the title gigolo having a night of it at the nearest dive while trying to get it on with a slit-skirted girl. I couldn't get the actual music video uploaded here unfortunately but it does pay tribute to INXS' "Need You Tonight". And I have to say that this concert video of The Checkers on their "SCREW" tour has Fujii looking noticeably Michael Hutchence-like.

The song went as high as No. 3 on the Oricon weeklies and was included on the band's 6th album, "SCREW"which peaked at No. 4.

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