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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Seiko Matsuda/Ami Ozaki -- Tenshi no Wink (天使のウィンク)

"Tenshi no Wink"(Wink of an Angel) was Seiko Matsuda's(松田聖子)20th single and her 18th straight No. 1 since "Eighteen". It was released in late January 1985 and within a couple of weeks hit the top spot. The song is also notable in that it was the first song that singer/songwriter Ami Ozaki(尾崎亜美)had created for Matsuda. It starts off somewhat appropriately in that Seiko's voice faintly echoes as if she were the angel while a heavenly chorus trills in the background. Then the song launches into an uptempo pop/rock mode with enough musical rises and falls to make it a fun roller coaster ride. I believe Ozaki herself can be heard faintly in the background as well.

This was a concert appearance of Seiko performing the song. She also made many appearances on "The Best Ten"show while "Tenshi no Wink"populated the charts. Apparently every time the song charted as one of the top ten of that week, she appeared in-studio or on location to the extent that she could've been promoted to co-host. However, when she got married to her first husband, Masaki Kanda(神田正輝) in April 1985, those appearances abruptly stopped. And then came the declaration of her hiatus from performing until all the way forward to New Year's Eve when she appeared on that year's Kohaku Utagassen to perform the song. Probably not a dry eye in any of her fans when that happened.

This is Ami Ozaki's own cover of "Tenshi no Wink"which has a bit more of a rock approach to it. It was a track on Ozaki's 13th album, "Juu-banme no Myu"(10番目のミュー....The Tenth Mew), which was released in September 1985. By the way, Seiko's version is on her 11th album, "The 9th Wave" released in June of the same year.


  1. Wow! Thanks for uploading. I really feel like singing this song with karaoke right now.
    Surely, Ami took part in this recording as a background vocal.

  2. Always a pleasure, Dossy. I think "Tenshi no Wink"is eminently singable! YouTube has been very useful for me and this blog in terms of uncovering a lot of unknown cover versions.

    It wasn't too difficult to pick out Ami's voice in the background. She has that creamy yet slightly raspy voice.

    See you around!


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