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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Top 10 Singles 1990

1. B.B. Queens                            Odoru Ponpokorin
2. Kome Kome Club                     Roman Hiko
3. Lindberg                                 Ima Sugu Kiss Me
4. Tama                                     Sayonara Jinrui
5. Princess Princess                    Oh Yeah!
6. Akina Nakamori                        Dear Friend
7. The Blue Hearts                       Jounetsu Bara
8. Shizuka Kudo                           Kuchibiru kara Biyaku
9. Southern All Stars                    Manatsu no Kajitsu
10. Diana Ross                             If We Hold On Together

I guess at the end of that year, Carl Smokey Ishii, Keisuke Kuwata and Kaori Okui were scratching their heads and pondering that they got beat by an animated girl.....well, really an eclectic unit, actually. The Diana Ross song was heard ad nauseum just about everywhere on TV and in the department stores in Japan for a number of years in the 90s. I gotta get some entries up by Lindberg and The Blue Hearts.

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