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Monday, July 23, 2012

Machiko Watanabe -- Mayoi Michi (迷い道)

Machiko Watanabe(渡辺真知子) made her debut in 1977 with "Mayoi Michi"(Lost Road), a song that she wrote and composed by herself. She's been labeled a singer in the New Music/Pop/Jazz categories. I think "Mayoi Michi"fits wholly into the middle category of pop. The song talks about the confusing paths that love takes, and melodically Watanabe's magnum opus illustrates that feeling.

Unlike a lot of New Music/folk singers in the early part of the decade, Watanabe was more than happy to appear on radio and TV, virtually at the same frequency of any aidoru at that time. Not quite sure what sort of reaction she got from her fellow New Musicians on that point.

The song, released in November, ended up as the 11th-ranked song of 1978 on Oricon, and was part of the 14th-ranked album from that same year, "Umi ni Tsureteitte"海につれていって...Take Me To The Sea). For me, it's one of the  representative songs for kayo kyoku in the 70s.

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