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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Oricon Top 10 Albums for 1988

1. Hikaru Genji                      Hikaru Genji
2. Yumi Matsutoya                Diamond Dust ga Kienumani
3. Misato Watanabe               Ribbon
4. Toshinobu Kubota              Such a Funky Thang!
5. Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi            Never Change
6. Keisuke Kuwata                 Keisuke Kuwata
7. Rebecca                          Poison
8. BOOWY                           Last Gigs
9. Hikaru Genji                     Hi!
10. Kyosuke Himuro              Flowers for Algernon

Ahhh...Hikaru Genji, the Johnny's group of choice during the late 80s with their headbands and roller skates. I guess it was Moroboshi and company's year with two albums in the Top 10. But rock star Himuro also had two in there as well with his solo album and his unit's record in the No. 8 position. Interesting mix of genres in there: aidoru, rock, pop and funk.

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