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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Miyuki Nakajima -- Yuuwaku (誘惑)

Another beautifully crafted song by Miyuki Nakajima(中島みゆき), and the first that I'd ever heard from her in 1982. "Yuuwaku"(Seduction) wraps Nakajima's dark feelings on what could either be a crumbling marriage behind a facade of happiness or an illicit affair within a constantly galloping melody...a common Nakajima style at the time. "Yuuwaku"also stands out for the singer's delivery for this particular song which seems to highlight a more fragile tone than usual. What gets me wistful about this song is the arrangement of the strings and keyboard that seemed to back up a lot of ballads during the early 80s.

This was Nakajima's 12th single released in April 1982. It peaked at No. 2 and became the 17th-ranked song of the year.

 (karaoke version)

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