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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

KK Plus Hits The Big 6!

First off, I just wanted to thank all the followers and everyone else who have taken a peek at my little project over the past half-year. Thanks to all of you, we were able to get past the 10,000 viewership mark a few days ago. I never expected anything like this for such a niche hobby.

I started this blog exactly 6 months ago on the final day of a not-so-cold January just on a whim to find out who was out there who liked kayo kyoku like I did, and at the very least, get a lot of stuff off my chest about the songs I've liked...some of which I've been listening to since my infancy.

At this point, I would like to share with you a couple of sets of stats I've amassed from Blogger.

A. Page Viewership by Country (Jan. 31 - July 31)

1. United States                 3875 views
2. Japan                           1372
3. Canada                         1125
4. Russia                            479
5. Croatia                           444
6. Germany                         335
7. United Kingdom                229
8. South Korea                    208
9. Ukraine                           128
10. Australia                        126

The Top 10 here make up about 80% of the total viewership of 10,000 plus. All of the continents have been represented overall, and I've received pageviews from places like Brunei, Estonia, the Netherlands and even Reunion (out in the Indian Ocean). Now, taking into consideration that a certain fraction of these pageviews probably consist of people who just stumbled in by accident and quickly left or spammers, I'm still heartened and surprised at the reach that kayo kyoku has had worldwide...not just in North America but in Eastern and Northern Europe, South America and even Africa and the Middle East.

B. Top 10 Entries (Pageviews)

1. The Candies                                           Haru Ichiban          139
2. Yukiko Okada/Mariya Takeuchi                  Lonesome Season    74
3. Ami Ozaki                                              My Pure Lady          59
4. Yumi Arai/Hi-Fi Set                                Sotsugyo Shashin     46
5. Hikaru Utada                                          Automatic               35
6. H2O                                                     Omoide ga Ippai        34
7. Yumi Arai                                              Cobalt Hour             34
8. Hideki Saijo                                           Young Man               32
9. 1981 Kohaku List                                                                 32
10. Hiromi Go                                           Otoko no Ko...            32

The Candies got that huge boost when a fellow taking care of the site linked my article on them with one of his dealing with the current unit, Perfume. Those were some interesting days. With the exception of Hikaru Utada, the majority of the songs are from the 70s.

Last but not least, I'd also like to thank those who have been generous with their time and words to leave comments, notably Makotogawa from Croatia, DOSSY and more recently, Andrew Yen from Texas. Again, if any of you out there would like to share some of your kayo kyoku stories, I'm more than willing to read and talk about them.

And finally, since I've linked this blog to my Twitter feed, I've actually gotten a celebrity follower: Akiko Kobayashi (Koi ni Ochite - 1985). She has been living in London for the past 20 years with her family and is enjoying the 2012 Olympics. Admittedly naively, I hope that someday she may be able to leave her own comments on this blog about her entries or some of the others.

Anyways, here's hoping that I can dig up some more kayo kyoku for the next 6 months. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

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