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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Akiko Kobayashi -- Miracle of Love

Long time, no see, Akiko Kobayashi(小林明子)! You've been missed. I think the last time I wrote up an article dedicated to the singer-songwriter was over a year ago.

Plus, I wrote about her 5th studio album "Bon Voyage" well over 3 years ago. If you take a look at it now, unfortunately, it's most likely that you cannot hear most of the tracks I've mentioned since music.163 may not be accessible depending on where you are (it isn't to me now).

Another track that I could get a video of is "Miracle of Love" which also reflects the overall tone of "Bon Voyage", that of a lighter and sunnier approach mixed in with a bit of that sophisticated pop sensibility that a number of female singers were taking at the time such as Miki Imai(今井美樹)and Midori Karashima(辛島美登里). "Miracle of Love" does sound like that sort of tune that could be played on the deck of a cruise ship if Kobayashi had been booked as one of the entertainers. A lot of her earlier songs kinda reminded me of visits to a small cafe in New England...not that I'm complaining here. I am quite partial to cafe-friendly tunes.

"Miracle of Love" was written by MAYUMI and composed by Kobayashi. Reading the lyrics, the song can also be said to be another nice tune to signify the coming of the Tanabata holiday which will arrive tomorrow.

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