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Friday, July 28, 2017

Michiko Takada -- chocolate

Chocolate is no longer one of my major food groups in my surprising as that may sound to those who know me quite well. I don't indulge anywhere near as I used to as a kid and I think I eat a chocolate bar perhaps twice a year. And something as rich as the chocolate cheesecake as pictured above is very much a rarity in my oral cavity; to be honest, I think I now prefer Japanese cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu's.

Still, the odd craving is always welcome, usually around the Holidays. So I can understand singer-songwriter Michiko Takada's(高田みち子)feelings when she came up with the smooth and velvety "chocolate" from her 2004 album "Night buzz". Actually, I encountered the song in one of the "Light Mellow" discs that I own.

"chocolate" has got some nice groove to it with a hint of Latin in there. Melodically, I guess it can be compared to actual chocolate laced with a touch of chili, although the overall ear feel in this case is very mellow. The lyrics are the usual ones about finally overcoming a bitter end to a past romantic liaison, but still remembering the old flame's face and voice as some lovely chocolate. That last part about the chocolate comparison is what makes things interesting.

Not a whole lot of information about Takada in her J-Wiki profile. She graduated from the Tokyo College of Music after which she did a whole variety of work such as teaching in a technical college, participating as a session musician and taking part in chorus and studio work. After providing a demo tape as an audition in 1999, she released her first two albums in 2002, "MICHIKO SONGS" and "Cocktail". As of this writing, 5 albums have come out. I also found out from the liner notes in the "Light Mellow" CD that she provided the flute solo in "chocolate".


  1. I'm quite glad that I stumbled across this interesting blog. I know what I'll be listening to for the next few days.
    The smoothness of the vocals are quite nice to listen too, and the funky beat in the back accompanies it really well.
    Cool stuff.

    1. Hello there.

      Thanks for the comments. Hope you continue to enjoy the song!


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