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Monday, July 3, 2017

Daisuke Kitagawa -- Omae wo Tsurete (おまえを連れて)

Well, the Canada Day weekend is just an hour from officially ending. However, I was able to get downtown earlier today and meet up with friends for some delectably Canadian fare...such as poutine pizza! No worries from me...I was quite accustomed to feasting on jaga mayo pizza (potato and mayonnaise) from the Tokyo branches of Domino Pizza for years.

Yesterday, I devoted one article which featured Ayumi Ishida's(いしだあゆみ)"Minato-Sakamichi-Ijinkan"(港・坂道・異人館)to Kobe's 150th anniversary. During my search for Kobe-themed kayo, I also found another one that I liked quite well.

Daisuke Kitagawa(北川大介)has already gotten his first article on "Kayo Kyoku Plus" thanks to Noelle, so I'm here to provide you with a second article about an enka ballad that had come out a bit earlier than "Hama no Odoriko"(横濱の踊り子). Titled "Omae wo Tsurete" (Bringing You With Me), this came out as Kitagawa's 15th single in May 2009, and it is a more traditional enka about love blossoming and hopefully further growing in the titular city. Certainly Port Island would be the ideal spot for a date.

This was written by Toshiya Niitani(仁井谷俊也)and composed by Gendai Kanou(叶弦大)and although the instruments would befit something more Mood Kayo, I think the arrangement still keeps things within the enka realm. It went all the way up to No. 27 on Oricon.

I have to leave off by saying that he's got quite an interesting hairdo. It looks somewhere between a pompadour and Superman's spit curl.

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