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Monday, May 20, 2019

Chisato Moritaka -- Weekend Blue

The long weekend is almost at an end here in Canada so I'm sure that there will be a lot of people who are beginning to get those post-holiday blues. Back to work on Tuesday!


In any case, I've got "Weekend Blue", a track from Chisato Moritaka's(森高千里)2nd album "Mi-Ha-"(ミーハー)from March 1988 but also the coupling song for her 2nd single "Overheat Night"(オーバーヒート・ナイト)from October 1987. Perhaps it's just me but I find Moritaka's voice especially adorable here and for a Eurobeat tune, it's fairly mellow.

Composer/arranger Hideo Saito(斉藤英夫)and lyricist Hiromasa Ijichi(伊秩弘将), the same duo behind "Overheat Night", took care of "Weekend Blue", a story of a woman who's still coming to terms over the breakup of a relationship. Her weekends seem to be a lot less interesting now that there is no more boyfriend in the picture. From what I've read for the lineup in the production for the album, Saito may also be providing chorus and guitar work. The above video has been noted as having the album version but not sure if the original single track is vastly different in arrangement.

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