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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Kingo Hamada -- Yokaze no Information(夜風のインフォメーション)

Well, I'd like to have this one with a skewered maraschino cherry in it!

First off, I want to confirm that this is indeed "Yokaze no Information" (Night Wind Information) and not "Yozora no Information" as has been labeled elsewhere. This is a track from smooth-singing Kingo Hamada's(濱田金吾)6th album "Heart Cocktail" from March 1985, and it's quite the delicious tune of the genre.

For all of the City Pop fans out there, there is Hamada's recognizable voice and his lovely melody punctuated with some sax. I mean, that melody is just starving to be given the Future Funk treatment (and it probably already has), but heck, the original by itself is perfect. I got that ASMR feeling the first time from how the key changed at the lyric "Kimi to mata aete"(君とまた逢えて...Meeting up with you again). The music is helping convey Kazuko Kobayashi's(小林和子)happy-go-lucky lyrics about a guy who runs into an old flame after a fight five years previously derailed the love, and realizes that he and she are more than ready to kiss and make up. In fact, as the song is playing out, the fellow has just woken up at around sunrise and finds out that he's not alone in that bed.

It's one of those songs that by itself would make me want to grab the source album. I will have to see if I can make use of some of those Tower Record coupons that they often throw at me.

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