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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Pizzicato Five -- Catwalk(キャットウォーク)


Those two police officers must have had some explaining to do at the precinct after taking this photograph with the Divine Ms. Maki Nomiya(野宮真貴)of Pizzicato Five. The vocalist for one of Shibuya-kei's prominent bands was using her model looks and fashion daring to the max that day.

I'm a bit surprised that I hadn't included this track when I was writing about their 12th album, "Romantique 96" which was originally released on this day in 1995. Yep, it's been 26 years! However, and speaking of fashion, "Catwalk" is now getting its own article here. Written and composed by Yasuharu Konishi(小西康陽), I'm not so convinced that this is a completely Shibuya-kei tune. I think that it has some of that mixed in with some of that contemplative Pet Shop Boys feeling as Nomiya sings about enjoying as much of the glamourous life that she can before finally settling down.

Perhaps to either Nomiya or any models involved in the lyrics, life in the big city is one huge catwalk. And maybe there's a saying hidden in the message: If you look good, you feel good, you are good.


  1. I had and probably still have the Pizzicato five's "Happy end of the world" album. I bought it in the import CD section of one the now 'defunct' Hastings Entertainment stores. For me being about to find a Pizzicato Five album in a dusty college town and in a more or less main stream store is a big of a testimony either to Pizzicato five's popularity or to their uniqueness.

  2. Morning, Brian. That photo of "Overdose" you see in the usual weekly spot at the upper right was something that I'd also found in a bargain basement spot at a used bookstore franchise called BMV (yeah, sounds like a vehicle testing facility). I was surprised that I could find anything like that there.

  3. WOW! What a find!
    It makes one wonder how many other treasures are hidden in unlikely places?

    1. It's almost to the extent that it's an obligation for a P5 CD to pop up in a used bookstore. :)


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