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Monday, September 27, 2021

Teruo Nakamura -- Toe to Toe


I think for this song, the photo of my Eggs Benedict with Hash Browns and other vegetation was appropriate. Eggs Benny isn't exactly a common sight at my home, and I had these ones on the Harmony of the Seas in the American Icon Grill during the 2017 cruise, but whenever I partake in the brunch classic, I know that it's a pretty sunny and fine day out there.

The song is "Toe to Toe" (and aren't you relieved that I don't have any photos of toes to put in as the thumbnail [or toenail]?), and it was actually the second track of jazz bassist Teruo Nakamura's(中村照夫)1985 album "Super Friends". Due to the admitted accidental swap of the first two tracks by the uploader though, "Toe to Toe" is the first song to be heard on the video above.

Earlier this summer, I put up Nakamura's first article on KKP, the beefy and boisterous New York jazz-funk of "Mr. & Mrs. Funk" from 1979. With "Toe to Toe", though, this is jazz paired with Sunday comfortable AOR. As I said up above, the song is a nice accompaniment for that brunch with friends. It's stylish, relaxing and elegant, and it does have some big names in the recording booth including Steve Gadd on drums, the late Michael Brecker on tenor sax, and Gary Herbig on soprano sax. We can always do with some aural Eggs Benedict from time to time.

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