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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Ritsuko Kazami -- Swindler


And thus another weekend comes to an end...the last one for September 2021, to be specific. Got to talk with a few translator friends over Skype earlier this evening which was nice. It's always good to catch up.

One other nice thing is encountering another Ritsuko Kazami(風見律子)tune. The songs that I've covered on her so far have that cool urban contemporary sensation but they also possess some of that quirky technopop at times, too. So, from her third and final album to date, "Nouvelles" (July 1987), I give you "Swindler" with lyrics by Kazami herself and music by Etsuko Yamakawa(山川恵津子). I heard the song a few times before finding out the melody maker but when I did learn that it was one-half of Tohoku Shinkansen behind it, I did go naruhodo. Yamakawa just has that great touch with making music. 

"Swindler" has got that nice techno jazz in there which sounds somewhat comical and even a bit spooky in the intro but then it progresses gradually into some Big Band. I also pick up on some of that Matt Bianco swing as we seem to be hitting the Mos Eisley cantina once again with this one, but I think "Swindler" is too classy. Maybe some jazz club on Coruscant is the ideal venue.

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