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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oricon Top 10 Albums for 1984

1.  Michael Jackson                      Thriller
2.  Soundtrack                             Footloose
3.  Southern All Stars                   Ninkimono de Ikou
4.  Checkers                                Zettai Checkers
5.  Yumi Matsutoya                      Voyager
6.  Akina Nakamori                        Memoir
7.  Seiko Matsuda                        Canary
8.  Eiichi Ohtaki                            Each Time
9.  Seiko Matsuda                        Tinker Bell
10. Anri                                      Timely!

One of the few times, if not the only time, that the top 2 places on the Oricon album charts were occupied by non-Japanese discs. But it's certainly understandable with the huge worldwide success of The King of Pop's magnum opus, and then the danceable "Footloose" with Kenny Loggins' title track and Deniece Williams' "Let's Hear It For The Boy"....saw those on heavy rotation on Canada's Muchmusic.

However, the old faithfuls and the stars of the time you would expect up there are indeed there. While Seiko-chan has got her two albums in the Top 10, Akina, Checkers and Anri are continuing their rise through the decade.

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