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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Takao Horiuchi -- Kimi no Hitomi wa Ichi-man Boruto (君のひとみは10000ボルト)

I had always thought that this was a song by the folk duo Alice, but officially, this belongs to one-half of the unit, Takao Horiuchi(堀内孝雄). Still, this was a joint effort with Horiuchi taking care of the composing duties while his partner Shinji Tanimura(谷村新司) covered the lyrics. Released as Horiuchi's debut single as a solo performer (although he had been releasing albums since 1975) in August 1978, "Kimi no Hitomi wa Ichi-man Boruto" (Your Eyes Are 10,000 Volts), the song still has that Alice jangly and happy country-folk vibe. I'm sure it encouraged a lot of the audience to stand up and clap when it was first known to the record-listening public, and even now, I'm sure there are still some karaoke rooms from which the song is still happily sung.

The top video has Alice and Momoe Yamaguchi(山口百恵) performing the song on stage. Yamaguchi had a connection with the group in that one of her huge hits, "Ii Hi Tabidachi"(いい日旅立ち) had been created by Tanimura at around the same time.

"Kimi no Hitomi wa Ichi-man Boruto" broke the Top 10 of Oricon about a month after its release at No. 3 and would hit the top spot a week later. By the end of the year, it would become the 4th-ranked song; the only songs ahead of Horiuchi's hit were all Pink Lady tunes. I think in any other year, it would've become the biggest hit of the year since it earned close to a million sales. However, it did get another accolade in a way in that the karaoke folks have often mistakenly upgraded the titular number from 10,000 to 1,000,000 volts, something that Horiuchi has known and is perfectly fine with. The song was also included on his 3rd album "Aitsu ga Shinda Ban"あいつが死んだ晩...The Night The Bastard Died) which also hit the top spot on the album charts after its release in September 1978.

It also appropriately became the campaign song for Shiseido Cosmetics for that year.

Horiuchi finally got a string of Kohaku appearances under his belt starting from 1988, but surprisingly never performed the song, although it's possible that he may have done so when Alice made its debut appearance on the NHK New Year's Eve special in 2000.


  1. Country & Eastern!

    This was one of the first songs I heard from FM-YY in Kobe back in the days when I got my first internet connection. 48k modem and realmedia quality. Oh boy, had I fun. This is still one of my favourite songs.

    I still do imagine in my mind that the singer is a trucker driving from Fukuoka to Aomori. He smokes too much and is constantly tired, but he is enduring because soon after his job is over he will see the 10 000 volt eyes and it's worth it...

  2. >Country & Eastern!

    Well punned, sir! :)

    Yeah, I kinda wonder if anyone in the United States had ever done an English cover of this one. I think there was a bit of a love affair with good ol' American country music within kayo kyoku during those days.

  3. Lived in Japan 75-85. Alice was my fav. Saw them several times

    1. Hello, Stan. Those must have been some great times there and you were even able to catch Alice as well! Strangely enough, I was watching an old video and Tanimura plus the late Teresa Teng were performing this very song.


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