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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oricon Top 10 Singles 1984

1.  Warabe                                 Moshimo Ashita ga...
2.  Anzen Chitai                          Wine-Red no Kokoro
3.  Seiko Matsuda                       Rock N' Rouge
4.  Checkers                              Namida no Request
5.  Checkers                              Kanashikute Jealousy
6.  Akina Nakamori                      Jikkai
7.  Gannosuke Ashiya                  Musume yo
8.  Checkers                              Hoshikuzu no Stage
9.  Akina Nakamori                      Kita Wing
10. Akina Nakamori                     Southern Wind

The singles of the year for 1984 showed a lot of new talent rising like a wave: Akina Nakamori was continuing her soaring career, while Checkers really made an impact with its New Wave/50s mix of pop in terms of their songs and theatricality. And then there was the atmospheric arrival of the shibui Anzen Chitai with the sharp-as-a-knife Koji Tamaki. But enka was still represented with Gannosuke Ashiya's "Musume yo", and the Queen of the Aidorus, Seiko Matsuda, still broke through nearly all of the up-and-comers with "Rock N' Rouge"....will never forget the lyrics: "...pure, pure lips."

But the No. 1 song of the year was a trio-turned-duo of cute aidoru singing an oh-so-sweet song that a dentist could give warnings about.  


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