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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Orquesta de la Luz -- Salsa Caliente del Japon

For all of you down in the United States, a Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope that most of you were able to reach your destinations despite the inclement weather. Perhaps some of you are about to tuck into or have just finished your great repast and are now resting comfortably on some furniture which may or may not be groaning on the increased strain.

Feel free to watch the above video on what do with those inevitable Thanksgiving leftovers on "Binging With Babish", one of the many other YouTube channels I've subscribed to.

However, if some of you have already generated some guilt on indulging on the turkey, stuffing (I do love that bread the turkey ate), pie, and what other dishes exist on the table, and if your collective gastrointestinal tracts are up to it, you can start on a bit of that exercise thanks to that grand band, Orquesta de la Luz(オルケスタ・デ・ラ・ルス).

The last time I wrote about Japan's master salsa band was back in September when I covered their latest song from their 2019 album "Gracias Salseros". Well, now, I'm going all the way back to the early days when vocalist NORA and the gang started off in 1990 with their debut album "De La Luz". The opening track is "Salsa Caliente del Japon", whose lyrics seem to be a friendly greeting and a cover letter of sorts for salsa fans around the world who were knocked off their feet by this talented group.

The weather may have gotten a good deal colder but the heat can be turned up with the help of some good hip-swinging music.

¡Provecho! (if you haven't eaten yet)

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