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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Blue Hearts -- Kiss Shite Hoshii (キスしてほしい)

For some reason, I kept running into either the whole video or parts of it somewhere on the telly over the years. Leave it to Japan to have a rock band sing a good ol' thumping tune while the official music video has cute animation. And for that matter, all of the band members appear as adorable animals with Ultraman moves.

"Kiss Shite Hoshii" (I Wanna A Kiss) was The Blue Hearts' 3rd single which came out in November 1987 right after "Linda, Linda". No mention about rodents this time, though. It's just the joy of a young man with the love of his life, although the video has the anime version of Komoto and company cheering up a female friend by taking her out on the town. I think this song is just as fun and infectious as the previous single.

Written and composed by main vocalist, Hiroto Komoto(甲本ヒロト), "Kiss Shite Hoshii" managed to get as high as No. 48 on Oricon and is also a track on the band's 2nd album, "Young and Pretty" which also came out at the same time as the single. It hit No. 10 on the album charts.

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