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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Top 10 Singles of 1972

1.  Shiro Miya and The Pinkara Trio                          Onna no Michi
2.  Rumiko Koyanagi                                                  Seto no Hanayome
3.  Billy BanBan                                                          Sayonara wo Suru Tame ni
4.  Takuro Yoshida                                                      Tabi no Yado
5.  Takao Hirata and The Selstars                                Akuma ga Nikui
6.  Mari Amachi                                                           Hitori Ja Nai No
7.  Rumiko Koyanagi                                                   Kyo no Niwaka Ame
8.  Pedro & Capricious                                                Wakare no Asa
9.  Mari Amachi                                                           Chiisana Koi
10. Aoi Sankaku Jougi                                                 Taiyo ga Kureta Kisetsu

Quite a few of the oldest kayo kyoku that I've heard from my childhood which include the top 2 songs. Pedro & Capricious have a beautiful ballad in "Wakare no Asa", and of course, there is the song that I threw up to on my way from Haneda Airport to Ginza when I first set foot on Japanese soil, "Hitori Ja Nai No".

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