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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra & Yoshie Nakano -- Tasogare wo Asobu Neko (黄昏を遊ぶ猫)

I just came across the song and the video a few minutes ago. Enjoyed it so up it goes. And may I say that the melding of Yoshie Nakano(中納良恵) of Ego-Wrappin' and the lads of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra was pretty much a foregone conclusion. But it isn't just for the music. Both of these entities love to bop around on the stage, so I can imagine any concert appearances by them will be fun.

"Tasogare wo Asobu Neko" (The Sunset Cat) is one of the tracks on SkaPara's 17th album from November 2012, "Yokubou"(欲望...Desire). The ska is in there but when I listen to it with Nakano's vocals, I just get taken back to some of those old-style Latin Jazz bands from way back. And there's a part of the song that harkens back to a Keiko Maruyama(丸山圭子) classic, "Douzo Kono Mama"(どうぞこのまま), so a bit of the kayo kyoku is in there, too. The song was written by Atsushi Yanaka(谷中敦), TSPO's baritone saxophonist and composed by the band's bassist, Tsuyoshi Kawakami(川上つよし).

Would love to hear some more collaborations by Nakano and the Orchestra in the future.


  1. i do love this song, is there any translation to english arround there?

    1. Hello there.

      Couldn't find any translation for this particular song, but allow me to add one of my own:

      The sunset cat faded away on a clear day,
      Up until last year, he was innocently laughing away
      The Earth might be turning but the world is spinning its wheels
      Can't accept this, so someone come and help me

      Along with the rolling marbles on a slanted table,
      The unintelligible epilogue of a mysterious novel
      Is absurdly sad

      The transparent shards that unintentionally
      Damaged the gears
      Turn back the hands of time

      If the transparent happiness is cracked, it becomes perilous
      The rolling marbles have nothing to do with the Earth
      I hope the cat that I loved will somehow come back home

      Interesting lyrics...may need some Psychoanalysis!


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