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Friday, August 16, 2019

Flipper's Guitar -- JOYRIDE ~ Suteki na Joyride(すてきなジョイライド)

As of today, the unofficial beginning of the end of summer began with the opening of the annual Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) or as we usually call it here, the Ex. So, now, everyone will really try to get their summer in before the inevitable cooler temperatures invade, and sure enough, the nights have started to get a bit chilly.

First off, let me reassure you...the audio for the video does work. The song doesn't actually start up until about 38 seconds in. It's been a while since I've had the boys, Kenji Ozawa(小沢健二)and Keigo Oyamada(小山田圭吾)of Flipper's Guitar(フリッパーズ・ギター)on board here so here is "JOYRIDE ~ Suteki na Joyride" (A Wonderful Joyride), a track from their 1989 album "three cheers for our side ~ Umi e Iku tsumori janakatta"(海へ行くつもりじゃなかった...We Didn't Mean to Head for the Ocean), the same album with "Goodbye, our Pastels Badges".

"JOYRIDE" is a good ol' happy tune bringing back images and feelings of The Beatles and The Monkees through the jangly guitars. Written and composed by Ozawa, Flipper's Guitar wants us to take that pleasurable trip into space...perhaps helped by some alcoholic libations. Ironically, considering the title, the video all takes place in one small room, and with the tunnel vision involved, I'm wondering whether the price of admission was a glug of absinthe. The joyride may all be in the mind, I gather.

elliptic orbit we pictured last night
and here we go!
we'll make a space trip again tonight

elliptic orbit don't be afraid
and here we go!
leave all your pain here on the earth

joyride to nowhere, a motorbike with no care
i'll meet you soon, we're passing the moon

well, i've caught the tail of universe
but it's hard for me to break it
oh, have you seen the stars above?
joyride into space

Lyrics from mojim

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