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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Takeshi Nakatsuka -- Japanese Boy

"When shapes paint the town red...."

That's what I first thought when I saw the music video for singer-songwriter Takeshi Nakatsuka's(中塚武)"Japanese Boy", a track from his March 2016 album "EYE". As he did for the video of his "Tsumetai Jounetsu"(冷たい情熱)a few years back, Nakatsuka must have allowed those computer animators to put their imaginations and indulgences to the nth limit for "Japanese Boy". Cubes, orbs and pyramids dancing with each other? Mass hysteria!

I'm not sure what the lyrics are all about for "Japanese Boy". I was paying more attention to the video and the let's-go-for-it jazz as the instruments and Nakatsuka's vocals tripped the light fantastic. As much as the visuals brought back images of late 20th-century computer graphics, the sounds brought back feelings of mid-20th-century jazz combos jamming away in those smoke-filled nightclubs. Quite the interesting mix.

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